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Greater Goodz

Blank Blank Blank Blank


Blank Blank Blank Blank


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Greater Goodz

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Blank Blank Blank Blank


Like a mashup of urban sounds, Greater Goodz could be described as a hip hop band with a twist of soul, funk and electro.
A relevant mix between the work of a beatmaker from Bern, the incisive rap of a MC and a singer’s lyrics, the band always comes on stage with the firm intention to deliver tracks for the greater good…

Together since the end of 2010, they released their first EP «The Breakout» in October 2011; a first taste of the full album which came out on April 6th 2012.

Blank Blank Blank Blank


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Blank Blank Blank Blank

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  • Celeste1
    Celeste Blu - 03.03.2013

    Gute Arbeit & weiterhin viel Erfolg!
    Eventuell schaut ihr auch bei uns vorbei?
    Liebe Grüsse

    Celeste Blu

  • Test3
    Mc Prophet - 05.09.2012

    Dä Prophet isch wieder zrugg!
    2 neui Tracks zum inezieh!

    Musik us em Herzen!
    Ehrlich und direkt.

    Feedbacks sind immer gerne gseh!


  • Cover_800x800
    Hotcup-Produktion - 16.06.2012

    coole sound:-) gruess us sz

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