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Blank Blank Blank Blank

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kei plan Black Skull and Pink Ladies Le Beau Lac de Bâle fingers on the dream OVERTIME Nostalgic Jukebox Stalkers zek The Old Bones The Marquees Killbody Tuning Soultonic FFRecords Ass of Spades Sixyka Rocksstones Solitune jezyRocK3 Even Further Friends of the Night Olivien Green F.J.Nascimento The Bowlerhats Pinode The Fallen Angels Johnny Pulfer & Ostring BEDSIDE RADIO Torbrise Mind's Eye INVAIN Roboman Vanadine Mr. Jackk Old Young One's downstairs The Lakefarmway Untrue The Band Darkoustix Fate fr young DryLand we the people Main Verve Warrnambool Glood und Band Stoffzentrale Roman Stäbler THE CATAMARAN Subraumkatze leben rock Collapse Rising Solar Sound The Probables Olivier Mottet WHO IS AURA? The Plus Nomination WAKE Without Limits Division 4 Still Not(e) GBeaver Roamer Blue Steel Riot Kurtains Crast Wendel So&Jim ZiftinPeki Hubre Maestrofone Backface FASI Pheromone Sniffers Molotov Rocktails Watts For You Madogs LO'N JO Tea Water Okinawa Santiago RaCines The Veit Club Easy Tiger Cynic Signature Diana Flow JO HENSEN and friends, feat. ALI JAWADI: WE SAY GOOD Jets To Unknown SABOTAGE ORCHESTRA Quake vicarious dream noahead Clipperton Power PopCorn The Charters Dypingoos Sonic Baby Zirkuszirm The Cats Never Sleep Protoval Charlie Vitamine Band PUTZMEISTER B.A.A.M. the roll call support the only child Brooms YANNB LebensZeit MINGMEN vertyge Zloy DEATHLESS RED BANDANA Death Of A Cheerleader Spore Hard Bitten die toten hosen Soloprojekt Ronnie Schenk Elysium shilf The Piuges Grove TIMID Juturna SKIM Chap II The Shagal Francis Francis Meteora Lysergic Sunshine Mehltao cat vulcano Tom Wirth PUB LA BOMBA Murphy`s Room BOXRICH Aimee Cares Devilish Dave treXico No Direktion Palmers Fritz Phantom The Bad Shakes Spinning Jamy Unpacted Swab neutones Pollution The Shivers Jack Slamer The Wheel screwdriver Nicolas Jorand Aiph RE-COVER badban Overdrive vanilla Hank Shizzoe Joan & The Sailors delicat listen BELMONDO (vs) To The VANISHING Point Malik The Buechsenbeers Café Bertrand The Killing Volts RECTANGLE Alyss The Dogs In Flames Rock-Age The Subterranean Bebop Kids The Ratracks SyperField Sébastien M Mausi Meltdown Leila Licks monday 8 Sidestream Philosophy The Staches Luke Zollinger THE REAL MAYNUTS Moshka Schöftland Baby Jail DolceAmaro Lili la Rose Black Trilby Olivier Uldry Soul of Steel Barbie Sailers Lostwave Ex-Cd Tortured Monkey Loominary Pop [LooP] Forgetful Sheep Hasty Remedy The Charlie Joplins Silly Slugs BlueKin

on_air ON AIR: the name of the bands in bold font indicates that at least one of their singles is broadcasted on at least one of the 5 radios Couleur3, DRS3, Rete Tre, Virus et Radio Rumantsch