Blank Blank Blank Blank

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Heligonka Acapulco Stage Divers Maël MANNE MIT SCHNAUZ nilo font Alysha J. Talbot Borderline Mikael Hopkins A Kite's Tale marie choller Blues Nettwork The Real Texas Shitkicker All Stars BlueSpirit Blues Band Fritschi & Farcas Strom us Captain Ludd Bettina Schelker Antenna Tony Monorail Cornville Project Scarlett & Alex Jimmie Something Ladina Robért The Night Is Still Young Rockabilly Five dAdAz Hardhat Adina Friis vacuummarket Rosewood Delight I-VAN & THE CARGO HANDLERS Heinz Flueckiger EYES A FOOL schnäbischwing Sophie Hunger Saddle Creek Country Band fadfa The Space Tractors joyjii Tobias Fischer Bernie and the Dancehall Shakers The Thunderbirds Roli Frei & the Soulful Desert Beth Wimmer made in blues Manuela Romeo Tennessee Jack Sir Bee LE LOUP BLANC lyricmix JACKALOPES The Dr. Watson Band Famous October Chapter beltons "PREACHIN'BLUES" JJ & Palin Christoph Häring, Raphael Walser, Nicole Johänntgen, Jonas Ruther lonesomestation Sunday Skifflers Banzville hospitlfood Charles Wallace dä Schnider SuperCountry Westbound Desert Rats J J And The Wallabies The Two-Bones / Acoustic Rockabilly Combo BRR Country Band gelöscht Pubside Down Memory of an Elephant NickNack Dan More Back Street Blues David Waddell EMYL Bècamort Karen Ren Noan The CrossRoad's Blues Band dew picturebook Pete Scrowther Pat Zangerlé & "LL" Non-A Dukes Of Harmony Ukulele Sunnyboy HARPER SEVEN Rebels Lois Lane & Superman's Friends Sven Etan Binkert Rural Sr.'s 'Le Vodou Sports Club' Dünsch Cloverleaf brogues The Vad Vuc unArt Marcel Haag the dors THE HOBOS Rinaldo Kurious Kurt & Soehne Fingerstyle paul smith Black-Boots Country Band Velvet Ashes blues man The Vendors u Chrigusound Fridolin's Heritage DESERT ROSE MARWISH BAND Darwin & the Electric Rebels GROOM Edo Caretta asm mother mary's chicken shack nastypot MATIS Messin' Round The Organic Blues Unit Orlando & Friends Dano Paladini Sebastian The Singing Friends Invisible Dirt. der dax Jaya Larue Martin Wyss Dänu Brüggemann Joo Joo Eye Ball Rolf und Monika Schnyder Seven Loons Tony Lewis Brownies The Lone Star Radio Show SeBalter THE VINTAGE Country Rock Band boss351c Kummerbuben phil march Andreas Country Club Mr. & Mrs. Baby The Ackermans Fever & Chill ( Andy ) Anita Moresi Blind Corner Marco Marchi & The Mojo Workers Pollastri Easy Canyon Ridge The flying Drumstick's Zwei vom Stern moë moontwang PAscal GEiser Jane Walton Richard Koechli katy MONOTALES The Flattopcats Acoustic-rendez-vous LOU & THE GROOVE MACHINE Big Bones REBOUND Island Dream Johannes Brändli One Million Dollar Band YOUR FAULT Chicken - Cage Happy Grove The Bow Triplets ColeClub Aidan Knight Martin Solo Arman Furhammer SandraStranieri Urs Schäfer Rhumble MoneyPennySixPenny Makurugu (singer/songwriter) Jua* Alec Robert Samuel Air de rien vDiva bluesmauri Richie Pavledis Hendricks the Hatmaker Drunken Shrimps Gortin Glen Tilia Novotny Mick & Elli (KBB) PROJEKT IGÄNGIG trummer BIG DEAL USA/CH Pearls Fäbs Triplane Marzella Emile et ses clavier

on_air ON AIR: the name of the bands in bold font indicates that at least one of their singles is broadcasted on at least one of the 5 radios Couleur3, DRS3, Rete Tre, Virus et Radio Rumantsch