Chanson (6784) Bt_play_15

Chrieg isch anderscht als Friede Mic control 1, 2 BEAT Chat-Room Der Onkel Bumba aus Kalumba tanzt nur Rumba Zapadur Willkomme Habarka 4 ME Le bar des égarés Sensible au toucher What's the plan? - Grünenwald Probe vom 4. März 07 noworries Hatschi Soul Kitchen warhead 2011 Travailleur Es tued mer weh Gori, gori Le Chemin du Bonheur Ich bis, d'Anic, Bitch Les mots des femmes Dreaming Eppure immer wenn ihr lacht Rosegarte Hymne suisse à la fraise Godless Creation - When you're strange Disperatione Mir ränned alli Vitamin (Jingel VÖ 26.11.2010)
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Electro (6542) Bt_play_15

Mandarine Song territoire inconnu Panther Vibes - Original Odeon Dr Phosphorus 31.12.05 Under Odyssea (Version longue Live Act)) oriental SIGNATUNE ZJIUCE EDIT Do it! L'homme méchant The Factory You Spin Me Right Round (Remix) under the water Mansfeld Plastic chimic out of nowhere 04 Lenin Dub Zack analytical engine Free Love Nasty Spray Forever Nothing New TENSION Blowing Trevor’s Horn Plenty of space Jam Gogo Monsters (sample) reagea Chicago (original mix)
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Folk/Country (3614) Bt_play_15

Something's Burning s'choscht indian serenade You can't judge a book by its cover Schlossbou What If Unreel Internaut Love rules you Time Sweetest Boy le pistolet Beautiful day Back To The Dirty Town S'Toggeli buster In un giorno di pioggia (live autogesty) My Brother Return the sender Paralleluniversum Crowded s'Einsiedler Meitli Zvil Fraue im Chopf Beyond the line Heldelied Worried man Leaving All Behind Let it go I lost my blood Never fall in love with a jellyfish
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Funk (2226) Bt_play_15

Emergency Funk Bumper She's a Bitch Come a little closer Double Pam Every Day princessa_stanca_18_09_12 Jacqueline Sex Machine Musig dri Cubania Tough Talk Let them sing eine Spur zu kalt Hey little girl (for Aishah) call 118 Unforgiveable Timeless information CubAfrica you did alright feat. angela 6 Months Later Then I Said (extrait) gWüsse Next Stage partynite CONOSCO UN TIPO IF I SHOULD LOSE YOU Fever Beats Medley Where we belong to kleiner mann da bambino
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Metal/Punk (3861) Bt_play_15

Burn Your Local Scene DEMO 07 Project 431 small things (Live@Aarehütte) acapulco blues serotonine Legend of Mons Faith in Darkness Stay With Me Idiot Into a new world Trippin' on you 2000 Jetzt I slide away Let me lie my life to you I want to fuck you (go!?) Hungry Like A War Biologisch gesehen Lunkheadz - Höhen und Tiefen Downtime Blackpint - Sopra di noi Hypocrites Fairytale Veuve Noire Open your mind Leslie reality 2008 Ich hab ne Krise The ACAB Song Before You Spit On Me Into my brain
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Hip Hop (10662) Bt_play_15

Badindub Beat de ouf Vergessen, feat. Aurel Hoy quiero estar Insonnia DON T HATE feat Serious as isch wider amol Lonolog - R.I.P (X-Clusive diss ) Schizzi nella notte resistence fall Wild & Dusty s`Mässer feat.Dj Redrum fahr met feat. Sarah am Sax Décroche Melo - Glaube Äs gadmer guät Uzzichtzloz / Blue Verzion ft. Prince Theo ig bi das woni rape Tropfstei (feat. Dodo) Giggle MC Orhan feat GMG Bushdakkta "alone" Pour Dem1 f/ Buddha Monk Warum düet dir so fröhlech 12. Langage de primate feat Le vicelard (Face B) Rastamat - Shitzerland feat. Sid Skelt! feat. Dr.Aux - Glaube an d'Sach Mafia Gallega "JEAVY" Wer Bringt das so hi - Extrem Serhat Armut Missgeburt
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Jazz (2848) Bt_play_15

change Corrente Brother can you spare me a dime LA BOUCLE VALSE À MIA A Chaser Throw your mind Jolene Voumond Profondità Black Orpheus Space1 I Hear Music Cover Me (cut version) mister sandman Sunset on Maspalomas Beach Part 2 Invitation Lagio Gramama's Flower Pots playin the blues.. Cherokee epoema zurich central blues Andi's Honky Tonk Train Blues In walked bud 25oct2011 at the jazz band ball Arise King Baby Credo
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Reggae (2269) Bt_play_15

Free Ragga (Jaba remix) feat. Mary G. J't'emmènerai plus SOUL RIDER Lion Räbi - Kaffi Bombe liberi Love Affair On The Run (Dub Version) Comme disait mémé X5150 Braquage Helvétique Dynamighty MAKE A WAY FOR DI INDIANS LUCIANO MEDLEY Life ft. Brother Culture DUB HOP FEAT AKON, TARIQ L, ENZA Alles (Reggae Version) Bondaa Rising Faya dup(wackle mit de bagge) Japochiruocéafreuroricains No Way Gideon Gideon Un futuro migliore Innocence Glaubsch du mer ned (mitm: STID) Sognare e volare - Sism0 ONE CLIG Raw Deal! Riding that Flame
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Rock (18381) Bt_play_15

Little Boy (feat. Søren Huss) Now is the time Don't Want To Fade Away God Plays Dice Y'en a marre time will come little boy Video Killed The Radio Star obsessed by the shevil Take my hand Just Alone This Night Egoista The low side of life Aube (extrait) Jump Purple haze Losing Time Play Black Sheep Comme elle vient (Reprise Noir Désir) Profiteur Mockingbird Everything You Say On Modern Ages The Light Is Shining On You Devil Paradies Lust and disgust ampli 2 Massive
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Pop (10751) Bt_play_15

Obstructed View sacred room Up till down Look Up To The Stars Gloomy Night III Ain't Not Time To Go Home Stolen sentence Crazy Superman Chef de Service No Other Voice Addicted Gonna ride What Would You Do i will not break your heart Endless Rain Hurt By The Moon Guardian Into the ocean Blue Mail Box Getting mad Es un sueño la vida (mastered) Are You Going Somewhere The Cry of All Buchstabensuppe It's A Shame Sunrise how many times Die Wende - Berlin Like to Dream
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Techno (4147) Bt_play_15

Thor style Dirty Machine (Original Mix) / Elektrax Records Nowhere Sonarcube - Intro Minimal ElectronMix Beag Wiip GenerationOpenEnd Close to me (club extended) Folgend Welcome to Switzerland relax energy Crossing the universe 2012 Ciao Gianni - Gianni Oceano Number Ten Shepherd The first förderband stopp PsychoBunny What You Gonna Do (Disco Tribe mix) Manga Dreamz Blood Pressure Once Again (AVF & Leevey Remix) Wake Up (Original Mix) POUNDING DYAXXX sivonec Station 3 STEFANO PRADA - FOREVER YOUNG 2009 (ELECTRO MIX) Party in Zurich (accapella)
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World (1663) Bt_play_15

Fin #33 Era una notte che pioveva Red Pickup Eh ma ADOUNAY BEUGUEU TOUKEY Asoguet Music Agneus Dei El mensajero del amor Fuga e mysterio Lo Soñé CONCHIGLIA Buona notte amore mio La Sisina FLUIDO Mirame Version Merengue - George Franco y Lucy Franco Filomeno Tamako Amadou Dracaena Naftule Bulgar LA GLORIA ERES TU Muana mboka Michael TUNDRA COMO VOY A DECIRTE Ti calipso Evevenouva Chica Loca Luntang
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Easy/Film (1976) Bt_play_15

Mängmool Black Knight Don't Ask Me I Fly Cross Section Aha Aha Zeronin Angel of protection Schutzengel Acronicod Rainy Day SPÄTSOMMER Ritaline prelude Gabrielle por si el amor Charis 16 marzo The Search Flying Sunshine lighty balkanic waves experiment Allez Les Suisses [En projet 2015]L'attaque du Kraken polaire it is magic pianotune Lost in Space Sweet Love Sphrenetics Classica Electronica Star Bit Insanity (demo)
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