You yourself can develop this new functionality by accessing 'your space' and filling the corresponding 'TAGs' fields.

The TAGs will give detailed information about your group, your singles or your concerts. You can also make a TAG category by clubs, festivals or users. TAGs work like key words. You have right to 5 TAGs by object. It is in your interest to use the most popular and succinct TAGs, such as, for example ‘pop’, ‘cool’, ‘fun’, ‘federer’ ‘dolcevita’.

Blank Blank Blank Blank

funk > rock

-funk -rock +alternative +pop +funky +space +dance +indie +punk +metal +Reggae +Jazz +Party +Ska +concert +live +Electro +fun +love +partyband +cool +mundart +Rap +HipHop +crossover +soul +sex +chanson +Folk +female +Luzern +Thun +latin +psychadelic +Festival +Basel +groove +guitarsolo +FunkRock +metalcore +bigbeat +breaks +blues +bern +experimental +openair +Groovy +konzert +music +piano +guitar +hardrock +girl +drums +fusion +trio +Ragga +starch +musical +psychedelic +poprock +dancefloor +musique +Aarau +breakbeat +independent +Demo +hip +Guitare +Band +Cover +Disco +Star +new +swing +souls +banjo +Liveband +Heavy +swiss +RnB +Ostschweiz +StGallen +gratuit +Francais +balade +Zurich +bluesrock +baby +classic +Newcomer +surf +Neuchatel +AlternativRock +biel +tube +alternatif +stockitown +horns +Treibhaus +energy +vocal +politisch +fresh +ElectroPop +roll +special +jabiru +tension +englisch +glarus +jump +Expander +King +Thrash +Goodbye +freakout +bboy +oldschoolhiphop +doppelganger +powertrio +hammond +hop +EPFL +rod +wild +why +AlternativeRock +deutschland +HammondB3 +Wohlen +comedy +violin +tibet +last +item +francophone +hendrix +Stonehill +experience +bad +beer +Moods +Balladen +porn +ontop +nonlaidback +cabry +Bandfestival +Joe +folklore +Mad +ticino +KulturGarage +ClassicRock +VintageRock +reagge +galaktisch +deutscherPop +lebendig +PolyLive +ZAK +italian_rock +nocovers +mobbingworld +JTQ +badbonn +Schein +slapping +Blueballs +bluesartig +GrilledElephant +Dyonikal +popfunky +jackpot +mokka +Tabula +Rasa +Colori +Fantasia +Saxophonist +psychedlic +class +hyproscope +Ship +Crown +Watching +progessive +JohnnyWinter +Rolladen_Trophy +Flag +Maynuts +EP +Chick +raggamuffin +RayVaughan +Hammondorgan +politsong2011 +smaft +point +zetup +Kaufdorf +MuKu +CosmicRabbits +eigene_songs +scarlet_scar +sangerin +tothepoint +Volleyball +2013 +crossoverblues +affrs +freedom_is_now +samia_tawil

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